DIY antique pantry door

Do you love the antique door style but come up short finding one? It definitely makes an impression in the kitchen and brings in more style. With the right materials you can create the look without having to find one in the antique store.

I had a boring builder grade hollow door in my kitchen. I came up with the idea of modifying it after wasting time at the antique shops. (Also saved some money while I was at it!) 🙂 With the help of Amazon and a little creativity I found materials to add to the door that made it look a little more special.


  1. Paint – Behr Chalk Paint in Classic Noir $19.99
  2. Wax – Behr Dark Wax $14.98
  3. Rope moulding 115″- $17.60 X3
  4. Glass Door Knob – $29.99
  5. Wood Appliques – $11.95 + $8.99
  6. Glue – Gorilla Glue $4.8

Total Cost = $143.54


Step 1 – Get your materials together – you’ll need a straight edge knife to cut the rope moulding and I used spackling to fill holes around it….more on that later

Step 2 – Clean your door with soap and water. Makes sure your door is dry before applying the appliques.

Step 3 – Apply the wood appliques and rope moulding with Gorilla glue.

I found basically all of my materials on Amazon. I’m a huge fan since I can get it shipped to me pretty quick. The rope moulding is flexible almost rubber consistency. It can be cut with a straight edge knife (which is SUPER EASY!) Make sure that you cut the edges at a 45 degree angle. I didn’t use a tape measurer. I measured and cut the moulding by laying it down on the door and cutting where needed. After I cut the moulding I glued it down with Gorilla Glue super gel. It dries so fast and adhered so well. I was IMPRESSED!

Now that I applied the moulding and wood appliques it’s time to prep for paint. I’m not super great with cutting the edges perfectly which left some holes in the corners. So, to fix that I applied some wall spackling to fill the areas. To show you an example, I will show you in a picture below:

I put on some gloves and used my finger to spread it on. I felt like that was so much easier and I could just throw away the gloves afterwards.

Step 4 – Let’s Paint! I used Behr chalk paint from Home Depot.

At first, I was just going to paint with the chalk paint but then I thought layering with different colors would bring out more depth when I distress it later. So, I painted it with some paint I had in the garage. I painted it with Behr color – Shark Fin (which I’m obsessed with!) It’s a pretty medium grey color. This doesn’t have to be perfect. It really just needs a light coverage.

Next, I painted it with the black chalk paint. I didn’t even wait until it was totally dry. Chalk paint is so easy to paint with and I was ok with it sort of mixing. It gave it a more dimensional look.

Step 6 – Distressing

This is the fun step. I used a 100 grit sanding block and sanded it by hand. You can use just a sheet of sandpaper or a sander if you have it. It’s good to focus on the edges to create the worn look. Afterwards, you wipe down the door with a damp cloth to get rid of the remaining dust.

Step 7 – Waxing. You can apply the wax with a brush or a rag whichever is easier for you. You just want to get full coverage and especially over high traffic areas. The wax will protect your paint from chipping.

Step 8 – Putting on the new door knob. It’s so much easier than I thought it was going to be. The instructions are easy to follow and shows you step by step in pictures.

And that’s it folks! I hope this helps you recreate your old pantry door and give you a fantastic new one. 🙂

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