DIY Laundry Room Makeover

Today, we are going to focus on our DIY laundry room makeover. The laundry room is usually a space that is overlooked. However, recently it has become a new trend to glam up your laundry room. I mean maybe it will make you WANT to do the laundry? Maybe…

So, here is a little before picture to give you a reference to where we began:

The first place I started was to remove all of the things on the shelf. I painted part of the shelf with some black paint that I had from another project. I didn’t want to paint the whole shelf because I wanted to keep up with the black and white theme. Next, I removed the dryer so I could get in there to start the vinyl tiles.

These are the floor tiles I purchased from Home Depot. However, I have seen them all over the place (Hobby Lobby, Floor & Decor, Amazon etc.) The price ranges from $11-$15 per box of 10 tiles. For this project, I used 5 boxes. This will depend on the size of your wall, obviously.

You will need a few things to start on the vinyl floor tiles: straight edge knife, tape measurer, tile adhesive, leveler, and a pencil or marker.

So, these floor tiles are peel and stick. However, I would recommend using the tile adhesive since it is going up the wall (*gravity). You don’t need to cover every inch of the tile for it to stick. I just used an applicator tool and put globs every now and then.

I started from the bottom and now we are here (Did the song pop up in your head? LOL) But seriously, I started from the bottom and went up to the top. It worked out perfectly where I didn’t need to make any cuts (Lucky!). My recommendation is to start from the top though, because most likely you will need to make a cut at the bottom.

How to make a cut: Step 1- Measure the space Step 2- Use your leveler and pencil and mark where you need to cut Step 3- Make your cut with your straight edge knife Step 4- Bend the tile in half to break off the unwanted piece

It’s pretty easy to make a cut on these tiles. You don’t need fancy equipment. However, you will have areas that will have weird cuts (outlets, etc) so I do have a trick for you.

How to make special cuts: Step 1- Take a tile and cut off the extra part of the backing to make the perfect 12X12 size Step 2- peel the backing off and take the backing and tape it to the wall where the tile will go Step 3- trace the special cut Step 4 – remove the backing from the wall and cut out the traced area Step 5- Place it on top of the tile (make sure it is on there exactly Step 6 – trace opening on tile Step 7 – cut out traced area

This is one of the easiest makeovers I have done. It took me almost 4 hours. I did do the tiles up to the ceiling. If you look close you can see that my ceiling isn’t straight. So, I do have a little gap since I stayed straight with my tiles. But you can barely notice it since I put baskets up there (Target). The rest is just decorations from Hobby Lobby.

The table came from Hobby Lobby and was 40% off! Love that place.

The baskets came from Target. I used the big ones for the top shelf and the smaller one on the table.