DIY Target Fall and Halloween Crafts

Fall is my favorite season of the year especially when I can DIY some Fall and Halloween crafts. The air gets a little bit cooler and I feel like the leaves falling makes it feel magical. Not to mention pumpkin spice EVERYTHING!

Browsing through Target one day, I came across the section in the beginning of the store (aka: the Dollar Spot) with all of the DIY Fall and Halloween crafts and cheap buys. So, I decided to give it a try. The first one I will talk about is the DIY Fall craft.

I bought 3 things from Target for this craft – the “Hello Fall” sign and the 2 fences. Each thing cost $3. So, together the total cost was $9. However you would need to get a couple more things to complete the project if you don’t already have them.


  1. The 3 items from Target – $9
  2. Paint- small bottles of acrylic paint $1.79
  3. Glue gun – $10
  4. Metallic pens – $1
  5. Permanent marker – $1
  6. Antique wax – $7
  7. Tree twigs – FREE from outside

I already had all of these items. So, for me it only cost $9. I had leftover white paint in the garage and the small acrylic paints from a previous project. However, if you don’t have these items you can find them at any craft store. The brand I used is called Folk Art. The orange color is called pumpkin and the yellow is called school bus.

Step 1. Paint the sign and fence white.

Step 2. Use your permanent marker and trace the lines in the pumpkin. This is so it pops out when you paint it and don’t loose the lines.

Step 3. Paint the pumpkins and “Hello Fall” words. I painted the words in the pumpkin paint color. The 3 pumpkins I used the school bus yellow, white, and pumpkin paint color.

Step 4. Paint the edge of the sign in the school bus yellow paint.

Step 5. Apply the antique wax on everything – sign, fences, pumpkins, “Hello Fall”. I used 2 paper towels to apply it. One was to spread and the other one was to wipe excess.–google–MICH_Shopping_US_N_Craft+%26+Hobbies_N_Smart_BOPIS_N-_-&Kenshoo_ida=&kpid=go_cmp-9972406265_adg-99939223639_ad-433378147590_pla-1354477352600_dev-c_ext-_prd-10673351&gclid=CjwKCAjw1JeJBhB9EiwAV612y2uWSZso5TBrxu0acyGfwTV-Uxichu6N_qLdorUENeDIwA6suxaElRoC1I8QAvD_BwE

Step 6. Use the gold metallic marker. I outlined the “Hello Fall” words and the pumpkins.

Step 7. Glue the fences to the back of the sign.

Step 8. Gather some tree twigs from outside and glue them to the fence.

DIY Halloween Craft

Target had this house trio for $5. It was plain wood and ready for crafting. I thought it would be a cute way to create haunted houses.

Step 1. Paint all the houses black. While the paint was wet I sprinkled glitter to cover the top of the roof section.

Step 2. I painted the doors and windows on each house. I alternated colors to make them look different.

Step 3. I used a permanent marker and drew the lines in the windows and added door knobs.

Step 4. Add Halloween elements. I didn’t take pictures of each added detail because that would of been a lot of pictures. I used paint pens and drew on the houses for each design. I alternated themes on each house to create differences. Online they have tutorials on how to draw some of these items. Links below:

That’s it folks! I hope this helps you make some Fall and Halloween crafts. Good luck and happy crafting! 🙂